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Matters needing attention of screw packing machine

2021-04-20 03:15:30

1、 Precautions for screw packing machine:

1. The operator must operate in the above order skillfully, otherwise the machine may break down.

2. When the machine is running, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal, whether the temperature is normal, whether the packaging film is used up, and whether the materials are used up. In the production process, the operator shall not leave the packaging machine, and stop the machine for inspection in time if any problem is found.

3. When adjusting the mechanism, we must remember the original size and position, so that when the adjustment is not ideal, we can return to the original starting point.

4. The new machine must run in at low speed for 100-150 hours.

5. Do not place tools and foreign matters on the machine to avoid falling into the mold and damaging the mold.

6. When the work is suspended, the sealing die must be separated by inching.

7. After long-term work, the mold surface is cleaned with a special copper brush, which is conducive to the sealing quality.

8. When operating the machine, it is strictly forbidden to put hands or objects near the moving parts.

9. Check the fasteners of the machine regularly for looseness and disconnection.

10. The gearbox shall be replaced every 3 months, and the center line of the oil standard shall prevail.

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