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The root cause and elimination of screw packing machine failure

2021-04-20 03:08:41

Screw packing machine is suitable for standard packing of all kinds of solid articles. Food industry such as: cookies, toast, instant noodles, ice cream, mid autumn moon cake, sandwich sugar; Other categories such as: soap, cool oil, mini laptop, canned signature pen packaging. Screw packing machine in the whole process of application, often some common problems, so we understand the screw packing machine common fault reason? When there is a common fault, how do you have to solve this problem?

1、 The root causes of common faults of screw packing machine are as follows:

1. Color tracking is not on, plastic film color is too light, plastic film driver deviates.

2. The screw is not synchronized with the cutter, the cutter head is too high or too low, and the packing speed is too fast.

3. The temperature is too high, the speed is very slow, and the temperature resistance of the outer coating is poor.

4. The temperature is too low, the speed is too fast, and the heat sealing property of the inner coating is poor.

5. Heater damage, intermediate relay damage, thermal resistance damage, temperature control instrument damage.

2、 Cleaning method of screw packing machine:

1. Adjust the finger position according to the instruction manual; Adjust the height of the tail sealing assembly, so that the management center of the tail sealing knife is in the middle of the height width ratio of the commodity; Reduce packaging speed.

2. In the tracking mode page of industrial touch screen, change the tracking mode to "tracking".

3. It can reduce the temperature, increase the speed and change the plastic film material.

4. Remove and replace heater, intermediate relay, thermocouple and temperature control instrument.

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