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How to choose the right mask packaging machine

2021-04-20 02:37:34

Because of its powerful performance, mask packaging machine can greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Mask packaging machine occupies a large market in the automatic packaging industry. So how to choose the right mask packaging machine?

1. Determine the form of the item to be packaged. There are two kinds of mask packaging machine: totally enclosed mask packaging machine and cuff mask packaging machine. This is a closed type, completely like a cosmetic box packaging, cuff type, small mouth on both sides. It is usually used for beverages, mineral water, beer, etc. since the two types of mask packaging machines are different, please be sure to determine the packaging of your products.

2. Determine the scale of the project. The size of mask packaging machine varies with the type of shrink packaging machine, so please determine the size before selecting.

3. Choose semi-automatic or full-automatic mask packaging machine. There is usually only one semi-automatic mask packaging machine. If it is an automatic mask packaging machine, there is a sleeve cutting machine in front. The main function is sleeve. Generally speaking, if the output is not high, semi automata can be chosen.

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