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Trouble shooting of packaging machine

2021-04-20 02:19:58

Trouble shooting of packaging machine

The electromagnet doesn't pull in. Most of the reasons for this kind of fault are the internal fault of the main engine, the electromagnet coil burning out, the line interruption and so on. The solutions are as follows: first, check the internal or external problems of the main engine; The second is to check the electromagnet safety tube, check whether the electromagnet is powered on, remove the mechanical obstacles, and check the internal power supply under all normal conditions: in the weighing packaging machine, the causes of this fault are: Sensor damage, bridge voltage fault, line connection or interruption error, and the elimination method is: detect the load signal of the sensor and the connection or the connection of the host, Sometimes the stability of the system is not good, which leads to the instability of the line. To solve this problem, we can detect whether there is a fault in the line.

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