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How to choose mask packaging machine

2021-04-20 02:11:09

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the enhancement of people's awareness of protection, the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is expanding. Many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and hope to set foot in the mask production industry. But in view of the mask production process, mask raw material procurement, mask machine manufacturer selection, mask production workshop planning, mask production industry standards are not familiar with, so in the inquiry and consultation of relevant information and make the relevant budget, it is very blind and confused. The following is a general introduction of the ultrasonic mask machine to help customers who are ready to show their skills in the mask production industry turn on a little light in the fog and know the direction:

First of all: masks are divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks. Flat masks are mostly used in the medical industry, while three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection. This paper mainly studies the purchase of ultrasonic plane mask machine (ultrasonic medical mask machine).

Secondly: according to the different welding methods and using methods of ear band, the plane mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear mask machine production line, outer ear mask machine production line, bandage mask machine production line.

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